If you follow MGTR, you know I’ve written before about the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. And unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ve probably seen plenty of online videos about the Mandela Effect. Named for Nelson Mandela, the anti-apartheid activist in South Africa, this term originated on the internet in 2010 to describe conflicting memories in public consciousness. Some people remember hearing of Mandela’s death in the early 1990s, but his death was recorded in 2013. There is even a textbook published in South Africa in the 1990s that listed his death as July 23, 1991 ! Thus, the term “Mandela Effect” was coined to describe multiple versions of history remembered or recorded by different groups of people.

More recently, the internet conspiracy theorists have been decrying the effects of CERN, the high-energy particle accelerator located on the French-Swiss border. It is claimed that a particular experiment conducted by physicists at the accelerator has torn open a rift in the fabric of spacetime, letting loose all sorts of alternate realities or universes that our neural pathways cannot fully grasp. Thus resulting in conflicting memories that clash with the facts presented in “this” quantum reality we are living in.

A popular example of this Mandela effect is the complaint expressed by adults over 40 who distinctly remember the series of children’s books entitled “The Berenstein Bears” . Except they are now spelled as “Berenstain” instead. Many are the parents who have walked into a bookstore to buy their son or daughter one of these favorite books from their childhood, and have been shocked by this new spelling of the title! Now perhaps they’re all just remembering it incorrectly, but could so many people be wrong? I have yet to hear of anyone coming forward with one of the old versions of the books they found in a garage sale or in their old toybox and prove the original spelling of “Berenstein”. (quick ! everyone call your mom to go and check the attic)

Another popular internet concept to consider is the Matrix theory. This one kind of ties together all the others I’ve mentioned. According to this theory we are all living in a virtual reality, an AI construct. If we are actually hooked up to an externally programmed reality, it seems very real to us inside the illusion.

In the Matrix movies, Neo awoke to discover he was connected physiologically into a vast array of biological support pods fed into by an external computer program that generated a reality for each unconscious human being plugged in. What if we are all existing in a similar matrix ? Indeed, the theoretical physicist Sylvester James Gates has found error-correcting computer code (similar to that used in internet browsers) deeply embedded in superstring theory equations derived to explain the quantum nature of the universe. Yes. We are part of a computer program ! Which begs the question – who wrote the program ? God ? Or someone else ? Or perhaps “God” IS the program.

Stay with me here. Supposing a progression of ever-evolving “accidents” beginning with The Philadelphia Experiment, and next the Montauk Project and finally CERN, affected time and space irrevocably. By all probability we should all have long since ceased to exist or at least be occupying some living hell, right ? I mean, we humans are darned good at screwing things up on a grand scale, aren’t we ? Yet somehow we’re all still here and relatively intact. That’s no accident, folks. Either SWAT teams of time travelers are coming back to repair all the holes we’ve ripped in spacetime, or the Master Programmer anticipated all this and wrote it right into the code. We might just be part of a gigantic simulation game ! And all those glitches people are claiming to see (sometimes literally – like pixilated clouds and disappearing airplanes) are just the Programmer tweaking the code. You know, like downloading updates to Windows®. The only trouble is that our chemically-based organic brains are slow to forget previous versions of the software.

And THAT brings me to my next theory. Aside from any financial benefits to the New World Order banks, I think that those microchips now being implanted into the hands of corporate volunteers are eventually going to be used to upgrade us wetware units. And did you hear about the chips being developed by the military for implantation directly into the brain ? The chips are being touted as a man-machine interface to facilitate calculations and speed up the learning process. We are being turned into cyborgs, my friends. George Orwell’s book 1984 is coming true NOW. Will some of us choose to remain fully human, while others become half man – half machine ? Do we even have a choice ? Welcome to the nightmare.

Mme. G


Berlitz, C. and Moore, W.L. The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility. Fawcett, 1995.











Here in the USA, we celebrate Halloween on October 31. But did you know there are plenty of other festivals worldwide that honor the dead ? Curiously, a lot of them fall during well, the fall ! Harvest season is associated with death and rebirth across a variety of human cultures.

Most of you have probably also heard of the Mexican Day of the Dead. Brightly colored skull decorations and full sized skeletal figures are constructed to decorate the home. Photos of deceased relatives are prominently displayed throughout the home with flowers, food, and personal items once cherished by the departed. However, there are several other holidays celebrating the dead that you probably haven’t heard of. Read on…

Ari Muyang

The Mah Meri, a small tribe in Malaysia, honor their dead with a day of traditional dances. Shamans offer blessings beforehand.


Korea’s national holiday is held for three days throughout both North and South Korea to honor the dead. Chuseok is traditionally celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, which occurs sometime in September or October. The celebration coincides with the fall harvest, and the living give thanks to their dead for providing another year of good crops.

The harvest is shared by families, including Korean rice cakes for breakfast. During the day, Koreans visit and clean their loved ones’ graves. Then at night, folk dances and games are held.

El Dia de los Muertos

Celebrated throughout Latin America, this popular festival began in Mexico. It is celebrated from All Saints Day on November 1 through the next day, All Souls Day. The lives of one’s deceased relatives are remembered, complete with parades, dances, and parties. The spirits are said to return and celebrate along with the living during this time. People clean and decorate graves of family members, placing items at the grave site the deceased enjoyed while alive. A photo is also placed there. Families bake pan de muerto, bread shaped like bones, to place on the graves. Brightly painted images of skulls and bones evoke the ancient Aztec rituals of death and rebirth. Sugar skulls are the best known example. Originally shaped from meringue powder and sugar, these skulls are used to decorate graves in Mexico. Here in the United States, plastic versions, tee shirts and posters of sugar skulls are becoming more popular at Halloween.


Although not a festival per se, residents of Madagascar enact the Turning of the Bones every winter. Tombs are opened, the corpses removed, wrapped in silk, and carried around the grave to music. It is believed that spirits cannot return to the land of their ancestors until their dead bodies are fully decomposed. Every seven years, a body is removed from its grave and rewrapped in this way, to bring families together to pay their respects.

Gai Jatra

The Festival of the Cows, held every year in Nepal in August or September. Cows are highly regarded in Hinduism, and the animal is believed to lead deceased family members safely to the afterlife. Families who have lost a relative in the past year lead a cow down the street of their village in a procession.

This festival is said to have originated in the 17th century by King Pratap Malla, after he and his wife lost their young son. The king invited the villagers to dress in costume and perform shows and tricks in front of the palace to cheer up the bereaved queen.


This is a Balinese festival. On this night, the ancestral spirits return to their homes. If not properly welcomed and entertained, these ghosts will haunt their families so elaborate feasts are prepared in their honor !

Hungry Ghost Festival

Held by both Taoist and Buddhists, this celebration ends a month-long celebration. Traditionally held on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month in China, the festival falls in July or August of our calendar. On this night, the gates to the other side are flung open to our world and people often avoid leaving their homes for fear of encountering ghosts.

The celebrations start with a parade, ending with lanterns being floated upon bodies of water like lakes and streams. The farther a family’s lantern travels before it catches on fire, the luckier the family will be in the coming year. Food is placed on altars for the hungry spirits. Paper gifts of play money, paper cars and paper wrist watches are placed in metal bins and set on fire to provide ethereal gifts for one’s deceased relatives in the afterlife.

Obon Festival

This is a Buddhist celebration held in Japan between August 13-16 to honor spirits of ancestors. The bonodori are dances held in Kyoto to welcome the spirits back into the world of the living. Toro nagashi are floating lanterns sent down rivers to reach the ocean, similar to the ones used in China during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Pchum Ben

A Cambodian holiday celebrated between mid-September and mid-October, and the most important in the Khmer religious calendar. Over a period of fifteen days the people gather at pagodas wearing white, the color of mourning, to remember their ancestors. During these two weeks the veil between the living and the dead is believed to be thinnest, and the spirits are thought to return in search of their living relatives in order to atone for past life sins.

As in China, these spirits are thought to be hungry ghosts and are offered food and drink to ease their suffering. Cambodians bring food gifts to the temples, which Buddhist priests bless before offering up to the souls of the dead.

Pitru Paksha

Similar to the Cambodian festival, this is a fifteen-day Hindu festival held during the month of Ashwin to honor ancestors.

According to Hindu mythology, the dead warrior Karna reached heaven but found nothing but gold there to eat. He asked Indra the lord of heaven why and was told it was because he, Karna, had never offered food to his ancestors while he was still alive. Finally relenting, Indra permitted Karna to return to earth for fifteen days to make things right by giving out food and water to people.

During Pitru Paksha, daily death rituals are enacted by Hindu priests who make offerings to the dead. If the proper offerings are made the ancestors will confer health, wealth and salvation upon their descendants.





I debated whether to write this blog. I thought everything had either already been said, or that everyone was saying it again this week. September 11, 2001 or 9/11 is burned into our collective memory. THE day that will live in infamy for our nation, for our generation. But then I realized, my blog is not only a blog about the weird, unusual or the supernatural. It is also about spirituality. So here goes.

I could side with the conspiracy theorists (and I often do). But I won’t today. I could side with the religious right, and blame Muslims. But I refuse to. No, today I just want to remind everyone again that we are all Americans. No matter our ancestors’ national origins, we are all Americans here and we are still a great melting pot of races, cultures and religions. Yet somehow, we all manage to get along. We coexist in peace. Oh, we’re not perfect. We have our political squabbles, especially in this election year. We have our religious struggles, especially regarding gay marriage. We have our legislative struggles with Roe vs. Wade and the fate of Planned Parenthood funding, even after some forty-plus tears of women’s rights. BUT we are still standing as the United States of America, and we are still free.

When the terrorists attacked – destroying the Twin Towers and ploughing a plane right into the Pentagon – we were a nation under siege on its homeland soil. On the mainland. Smack dab in the middle of the original colonies where our founding fathers birthed a fledgling nation. Here. In America. Land of the free.

First we reeled in shock and grief. Then we began the cleanup and buried our dead. Finally, we sank to our knees in silence, in prayer, to remember our lost sisters and brothers who gave up their lives that day. No one asked them to volunteer that day, they were given no choice whether to be martyrs. In a few horrific moments a group of Americans were stripped of their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So this week, in a land that still stands free and proud, let us all remember to remember 9/11. Now and forever. One nation, under the god of your choice, America. For despite our Technicolor dreamcoat of faiths, our country is a spiritual one. Whether you are an atheist, a born again Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Hindu or a Muslim, you are a spiritual being and you have the right as a human being possessed with a brain to ponder your place in the cosmos. The tragedy of 9/11 brought home this fact as never before. Suddenly everything was thrown into stark relief, everything seemed more precious. I don’t care who you are or how old you are, sooner or later you will have to confront the reality of death. 9/11 made us all stop and consider our own mortality, among other things. So perhaps something good has come out of that terrible day. There is a spiritual depth to the human psyche, a place deep inside of us where we can reach out and touch the Great Beyond, our center. A place of eternal peace and brotherhood. A place where those lost to us in the conflagrations of 9/11 will live on forever as shining stars in the firmament.

Mme. G

When I moved to Arizona in January 2000, little did I know what I was moving into ! Within 24 hours of moving in to an older home I had just purchased, bizarre things began to happen. First, as I was unpacking my first boxes in the sunny kitchen I set my toaster down on the counter next to the sink. As I started unpacking the next box, I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. I turned to my left to see smoke rising from the toaster slots ! Panicked, I grabbed for the toaster plug and realized that I hadn’t even plugged it in yet ! A white puffy cloud of “smoke” continued to rise from the toaster, and hung there in mid-air a moment as I stared in disbelief. Thick, lumpy ectoplasm to be exact. Of course, I didn’t know what was going on at the time, it dawned on me later. Like, a year later after some reading up on the subject.

The next thing that happened was that the electrical switches in the hall didn’t work right, including the switch for the evaporative cooler on the roof. The electrician I called out there did a thorough inspection the next day, and declared everything in safe, working order. I made him replace the switches just to be sure. A month or so after moving in, I was sitting at my computer (working on this very blog, no less) one afternoon when three loud knocks made me nearly jump out of my office chair. The knocks repeated and I realized they were coming from the wall next to me, not the front door ! Still confused, I looked out the window facing my back porch, thinking the AC guy had returned for a ladder or something. Nope. And there was no service trucked parked out front either. I had a ghost ! Me, Mme. G had her very own ghostie !

Over the next couple years, my boyfriend and I experienced a variety of manifestations. Actually, I met the boyfriend as a direct result of the evaporative cooler problem I think the spirits were trying to warn me about, in retrospect. After I had the switch repaired, and the roof cooler inspected, cleaned and repaired, it had sprung a leak through my roof and ceiling. A friend had recommended her friend to fix my ceiling and drywall, and it was love at first sight. But I digress. We went about painting, wallpapering and such and began to see all sorts of strange things in that house. A large black man in overalls appeared once standing next to our bed. Every July2 around 4 pm, a transparent man would walk quickly from the back door through the house and out the front wall (next to the patio doors). Floating three or four inches off the ground, no less. I was goosed by invisible fingers when my boyfriend was across the living room. Things got moved around, or would disappear for awhile. A Spongebob Squarepants talking cookie jar would suddenly go off by itself. Upon further investigation. I learned that my housing division was located between not one, but TWO cemeteries ! The oldest (over 100 years old) was not even marked anymore and the contractors had unknowingly built over and around it. One local person even told me that the nearby supermarket was also haunted.

So this month my friends, we explore the fascinating topic (try to stay awake here) of haunted renovations ! Remodeling ? What’s the worst that could happen, anyway ? Read on…

I consulted a variety of articles online posted by house and remodeling folks, even a local newspaper who interviewed a family of three contractor brothers. And I came up with some creative advice for dealing with ghosts that suddenly make their appearance known when you start remodeling a house. My advice is to take this information with a grain of salt and proceed with caution. Not all “ghosts” used to be human, and even if they were they might not have been the kind of person you’d want to mess with in life, let alone the afterlife. That said, here’s what the home improvement experts had to say about dealing with haunted renovations.

My first source has five rules for coping with a haunted property. First, don’t be afraid (within reason). Stand your ground. Second, stay in control of the situation and do what you need to do to renovate. Third, research the home. Try the local historical society, the library newspapers, public records, etc. Fourth, try talking to the ghost out loud. Be firm and set boundaries. Don’t be afraid to say “no”. Lastly, be appreciative - even grateful and respect their feelings about what used to be their home.

The next article listed various consequences that occurred when several homeowners remodeled. One ghost pushed construction workers, stole tools, and even tore down fresh drywall. Another homeowner had doors opening and closing by themselves. One woman had the persistent impression from the moment she moved in that her kitchen was all wrong, and later found out the previous owner had reversed the layout of the entire kitchen ! She attributed her unease to a ghostly presence trying to communicate with her. The most disturbing manifestation happened to a homeowner whose son was repeatedly locked in the basement.

Bennett Builders of Lincoln, IL are three brothers who operate a general contracting business. They specialize in home renovations. And finding ghosts. Chad is also a paranormal expert, and the brothers have occasionally disturbed ghosts during renovations. Jake and Jude are more skeptical, and describe themselves as being primarily contractors. Chad is the believer in paranormal phenomena, whereas his brothers are more likely to attribute “bumps in the night” to the normal noises a house makes. Chad’s not so sure. HGTV ran a Halloween episode featuring the Bennett brothers in 2014 entitled “Haunted Renovation”.

The website ThisOldHouse.com has also tackled the subject of haunted renovations. The St. Louis Lemps operated a brewery in the mid 1800s. in 1977, renovations on their beautiful old mansion were done to transform it into an inn and restaurant. Several construction workers left the work site however when barking ghosts, ghostly piano music, slamming doors, faces in the windows and weird burning sensations pestered them. Phil and Donna Stone bought a colonial revival home the Falmouth House, to remodel it into an inn as well. After moving items from the attic down to a guest room, a female ghost in a taffeta dress appeared. She pulled down mirrors, moved workers’ tools around, flushed toilets and turned on faucets. And it would seem that you should be particularly cautious when relocating an entire house. When Savannah antiques dealer Jim Williams moved the Hampton Lillibridge House a few blocks in 1963, weird things started happening. A worker was crushed to death when a neighboring house collapsed. Then, a spectral Dixieland band started performing and still does to this very day. A man in a top hat haunts the second floor, and a couple of ghosts in formal attire appear on the widow’s walk.

The Winchester House is another famous home that experiences manifestations. Sarah Winchester spent her life and fortune renovating the home randomly to appease the ghosts of those killed by her family’s Winchester rifles (see Archives on this website). Another well-known home that has had its share of hauntings over the years, especially when undergoing renovations, is the White House. Most notably, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln is said to reside there (see Archives).

I hope you found this month’s blog interesting ! Feel free to write me here at [email protected] if you have any home improvement ghost stories you’d care to share with our readers.

Mme. G


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Some years ago, I wrote a blog on the ghosts of the Civil War. Apparently, a few such ghosts were stirred from their eternal slumber when I traveled to Natchez, MS recently. Running a couple hours late on my planned itinerary, I had planned on a visiting a few antebellum homes in this quiet Southern community but had to scale back my tour. It is hard to believe that this beautiful city in the Deep South was ever ravaged by the Civil War, to see it today. It is located only three hours or so away from the Gulf coast bordering Louisiana and Alabama, but it is 150 years away in time.

Arriving after lunchtime, I decided to begin my tour by strolling through the gardens of Monmouth Historic Inn, now being operated as a B & B. It is a relatively modest home for its day, a two story brick house later remodeled in the neoclassical style of the area. I had the good fortune to see a wedding party taking photos on the premises, framed by a quaint gazebo framing a nearby pond and wooden bridge. The rear of the property holds a family crypt and a small cemetery where a Dr. Philip Hamilton, MD (d. 1859) is buried alongside a more recent (ca. 2007) pet cemetery for the three Newman family dogs, Wally, Winnie and Porkchop. Apparently, the property has gone through several owners over the years. Falling into Union hands in 1863, the Quitman children managed to keep the house first by befriending a Union general, and it was subsequently purchased from siblings by Annie Rosalie.  The house and grounds fell into disrepair early last century,  but later investors restored the property to its former splendor. It is now owned and operated by the Reuthers since 2012, who manage the property as the Monmouth Historic Inn and Gardens.

Less restored, intentionally, is the Longwood mansion constructed by Dr. Haller Nutt of New York state and his wife Julia, a local girl from Natchez. Working in collaboration with the then-prominent Philadelphia architect Samuel Sloan, the good doctor envisioned a grand octagonal shaped home of six stories to house his brood, built with an ornate tower evoking the onion domes and mosques of the Middle East. The home stood in stark contrast to the neoclassical Greek Revival style of the sedate plantation homes surrounding it. When the Civil War broke out in 1861 however, the northern carpenters and masons hired to build the Nutt‘s home fled back north and the construction was never to be completed. Dr. Nutt died of pneumonia in 1864, leaving his young widow to raise their eight children in relative poverty after she lost the nearby family plantation that supported them. Eventually, the youngest daughter married in New York city but her elder sister never left Natchez. A grandson later served in WWI, travelling the world before returning to Mississippi. An old photo on display in the children’s nursery shows him dressed fashionably in a Russian lambswool-trimmed coat and Cossack hat.

While taking the guided tour of Longwood mansion, our group was escorted into the bedroom where the married couple spent their last  two years together before Dr. Nutt died, living in essentially the nine room finished basement of what was to have been a grand home housing a total of thirty-two rooms. I happened to gaze off to my right at a painting of Julia hanging on the wall, and was amazed to witness it slowly rotate clockwise  ! It was no optical illusion, as I could gauge the angle of the picture frame against that of the adjoining doorway. Was it a coincidence that our genteel lady guide had just been describing Mrs. Nutt’s tragic widowhood ? I think not. How she and the children must have suffered in shame, reduced to paupers in her own hometown. What dreams might she have had for her children’s future ?  While taking photographs in the upstairs attic directly below the unfinished tower’s wooden scaffolding, the digital camera on my smartphone repeatedly malfunctioned by taking several series of photos in rapid succession at several different locations in the attic - something it has never done before or since. Yet when I examined the photos back at my car, all except one had turned out as normal, single photos of each scene. I had taken photos of packing crates, brick molds and original lumber still stored in the open attic. The last photo I took was of what appeared to be a bassinet stored haphazardly in the attic. It appeared to have a white cushion atop it. Was this a baby’s bed, or perhaps a favorite chair of the children’s ? The photo turned out quite blurred. It would seem someone is still very attached to the object, and didn’t want me snapping photos of it !

All in all, I enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon among the antebellum homes in beautiful Natchez evoking sad memories of a dark time in our nation’s past. Rest in peace, Natchez. You are not forgotten…

Mme. G



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February 2016: Soul Mates, Lost Loves and Family Reunions

Assuming the CERN hadron super collider didn’t suck us all into the oblivion of a ginormous manmade black hole last week, I am hereby wishing all my MGTR fans (all 2+ of you) out there a happy and lustful Valentine’s Day ! On that note, this month’s blog deals with the decades-old conundrum: do soul mates really exist ? And what exactly IS a soul mate ? Can people really reunite successfully with a lost love, even if it takes an entire lifetime ? Do siblings and twins separated at birth somehow find each other, even from other sides of the world ? We will explore a few of these heartwarming true stories. [And, if YOU are someone who has found/been reunited with your soul mate, lost love or sibling I’d love to hear from you for an upcoming blog. Write me here at: [email protected]]

Most people think of their soul mate as that one special person in all the world that they are destined to be with. But your soul mate isn’t necessarily your lover. According to the New Agers, a soul mate is really a person with whose soul yours is eternally linked, through past lives of living through various scenarios. And did you know you could have more than one soul mate ? So a soul mate could be a friend, a parent, a sibling, even an enemy – anyone with whom you are working through issues transcending this present lifetime.

Social media and the Internet have greatly improved one’s chances of finding a long-lost loved one of course, as Betty Morrell of Spring Hill, FL discovered recently when she and her granddaughter located her 96-year old birth mother through Ancestry.com after twenty years of their searching together. Facebook reunions are perhaps most exciting, when a friend or relative knows someone who knows someone, etc. A newsworthy example was the reunion of Anaїs Bordier, a South Korean fashion design student living in London, with her twin sister Samantha Futerman (living in the USA) after receiving a screenshot of Futerman, an actress, in 2012 from a friend who noticed the resemblance. Bordier later messaged Futerman in February 2013 on Facebook, and the two women decided to meet in London in May after comparing their birth dates, birth cities and places of adoption. But perhaps the most compelling stories of reunions are those that occur in the face of insurmountable odds, without the aid of social media. People who’ve moved, been adopted or changed their names, even suffered amnesia. You know, the stuff of soap operas – but in real life. These are the truly moving tales that pull on your heartstrings. It would seem that an unknown force somehow manages to reconnect these people. Coincidence ? Mental telepathy ? Some cosmic connection or weird synchronicity ? Read on !

How do you explain the reunion of people by bizarre chance, twists of fate ? People who may have given up after years of looking, even being told their loved one was dead. We’ve all heard touching stories of Holocaust survivors being reunited after years of separation, relatives assumed or recorded as being among the dead. One of the most recent examples in the news is the reunion of Boris Kozlov with his wife Anna after sixty years in Russia. Boris had gone off to serve in the Red Army under Stalin after marrying Anna, whose father had been imprisoned after refusing to work on a collective farm. The couple was separated after only three days of married life when Boris rejoined his unit. Later, when Boris returned from the front, he found Anna had been exiled to Siberia with the rest of her family. Sixty years later, Anna was able to return to her village. One day she saw an elderly man who looked very familiar to her getting out of a car. It was Boris ! He had driven there to visit his parents’ grave. After a little coaxing, he convinced Anna to marry him again.

But perhaps the most compelling connection stories are those without any logical explanation – except reincarnation. India has embraced this concept for centuries, of course, and parents accept, even expect, the possibility of having a child who seemingly remembers a past life. There have been documented cases of children describing past lives as housewives and soldiers from their own home town or a nearby village. The parents often travel with the child to that place to talk to the family who lost the person the child is describing, and when the relatives interview the child it is often a heartbreaking experience. The child will recount events unknown outside the family, anecdotes and private moments an outsider couldn’t possibly have been aware of, yet the child recounts them in amazing emotional detail. Both families are thus convinced of the reincarnation beyond the shadow of a doubt. Here in the West, we are more cautious of accepting such stories as evidence of reincarnation, attributing it to a mass hallucination of some sort. But psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss has spent many years counselling patients he believes truly remember their past lives. He has written several books on the subject, including: Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives and Only Love Is Real: A Story of Soulmates Reunited. In the latter, Dr. Weiss recounts how he was treating a man and a woman separately, but came to realize over time that each was describing past lives which had been intertwined. In what could be a disastrous career move, not to mention a breach of patient confidentiality, Dr. Weiss compared details of their session transcripts before deciding to introduce Elizabeth and Pedro to each other. Pedro was returning to Mexico soon, and Dr. Weiss feared it would be his last chance to meet Elizabeth in person. Finally Dr. Weiss hit upon a solution: he would schedule their appointments back-to-back, so that Elizabeth would arrive in the waiting room just as Pedro was leaving. Unfortunately, this resulted only in a momentary exchange of glances. But the Universe was now set in motion, and destiny intervened. Elizabeth was catching a business flight at the airport the same day Pedro was flying back to Mexico from the same airport. When Elizabeth was transferred to Pedro’s flight, the two were seated next to each other. Some turbulence followed, and Pedro took a frightened Elizabeth’s hand. There was almost instant chemistry as the pair were reunited, much to each one’s amazement ! Happily, they are now married with children in Mexico. 

So this Valentine’s Day, don’t despair if you haven’t met that special person yet. There’s someone for each of us out there. And I do mean “out there” !

Mme. G








A couple years ago, a friend of mine noticed an aluminum plant pole on our patio and asked if it was a Festivus pole. I had no idea what he was talking about. He laughed and explained it was featured on Seinfeld. Since then, I have watched “The Strike” episode and I now embrace Festivus with the very highest strength-to-weight ratio in my heart.

I mean, why lose your mind over the holidays ? Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa – they all have that annoying (and expensive) material aspect of agonizing over the “right” gift for a person. Granted, this all serves to make our corporations richer and bolster the economy, but BAH HUMBUG I say. There is no ornamented tree, no presents, at a Festivus celebration. Just a bare aluminum [highest strength-to-weight ratio] pole, proudly displayed to emphasize the absence of ostentation and greed. No over-the-top Yuletide displays of commercialism. No spending hours in long lines at the mall, not to mention online, shopping for gifts. No spending period. Keep your cash ! Amazing concept, really. Besides, who doesn’t find tinsel distracting ? Best of all, no getting up at dawn to prepare the turkey or ham for a magnificent feast. Unless you want to, of course. Meatloaf will do.

But what self-respecting holiday would be complete without a bona fide miracle or two ?  And at Festivus, it needn’t be anything awe inspiring. The heavens need not part, no. The merest human event or coincidence may be declared a Festivus Miracle ! Did little Jimmy find Aunt Beth’s lost earring in the couch cushions ? Good enough. It’s a miracle ! Did you happen to run into your old high school buddy on the subway ride to your uncle’s Festivus dinner ? Yup. Miracle ! Did that dental appointment you need open up next Tuesday ? Miracle. Yes, miracles can happen to anyone when you celebrate Festivus !

And now we come to the heart of the Festivus celebration, often imitated but never named during other lesser holidays like Thanksgiving or Hanukkah. What is it, you may ask ? Why, it is the Airing of Grievances !  That magical moment when we go around the table and take turns sharing with our loved ones how they’ve irked, annoyed , and otherwise failed us over the previous year. This serves to clear the air and promote an atmosphere of transparency and understanding, something our world dearly needs today, wouldn’t you agree ?

Then there’s the added stress of family gatherings. All those hurts, misunderstandings and disagreements of your childhood dredged up from the past. Festivus handles this in a much more civilized manner. The Feats of Strength pits family member against family member until finally the head of the household is pinned down and defeated, thus officially ending the festivities in a mutually-satisfying contest.

As an added benefit, Festivus removes all religious overtones of the holidays and offers a modern alternative for those who just need justification for spending yet another winter fete trapped indoors with friends and family.

So this December 23 (or October 30, or January 2, or whenever), why not do something different ? Have a Happy Festivus for the rest of us !

Mme. G

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again, kiddies ! Yes, it’s Halloween. And while I enjoy a chilling ghost story as well as the next ghoul, after writing this blog for a lucky 13 years now I thought I’d branch out a bit and go all historical on you this year. Bad things occur all year round, but when they happen on Halloween they gain a certain creepy factor. The following nine unfortunate events, listed by year, all fell on All Hallow’s Eve, aka Halloween.

1922: Let’s start out with perhaps the most evil year of all. Benito Mussolini became Prime Minister of Italy on October 31 of this year. Are you creeped out yet ?

1926: Legendary escape artist and magician Harry Houdini died from gangrenous peritonitis following a ruptured appendix. Twelve days prior, after boasting about his strong abdominal muscles during a lecture, Houdini had been unexpectedly punched in the stomach by an overly eager student.

1952: The United States unleashed the world’s first hydrogen bomb on Eniwetok Atoll in the western Pacific. As J. Robert Oppenheimer quoted from The Bhagavad-gita: “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” Indeed.

1961: The body of Joseph Stalin was removed from Lenin’s tomb, where it had lain in state on public display in the USSR. For those of you too young to know it, Stalin was one of the bloodiest dictators to ever rule.

1969: Wal-Mart Discount stores become incorporated into Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek !

1984: Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated in New Delhi by two of her own bodyguards. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

1991: The Halloween Storm hit the southeastern coast of the US on October 30, causing forty- to eighty-foot waves when Hurricane Grace came up from Bermuda colliding with a low pressure system moving down from Canada. By November 2, the storm had reached hurricane strength upon reaching the Gulf Stream. The seventy-two foot fishing vessel Andrea Gail and her crew of six was lost in the storm off the Grand Banks of the North Atlantic, and neither the boat nor her crew were ever found. The storm itself was described in the bestselling book The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger and became a box office hit movie of the same name in 2000.

1993: The actor River Phoenix died after collapsing outside The Viper Room in Hollywood, CA. He was only twenty three years old. Twenty years later, his friend Bob Forrest disclosed that Phoenix turned to him in the club that night and told him he felt awful and thought he was overdosing.

1999: Egypt Air flight # 990 crashed into the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Nantucket, MA killing all two hundred seventeen passengers on board. Thirty-three Egyptian military officers, including two brigadier generals, were among the dead. In 2000, an Egypt Air captain by the name of Hamdi Taha sought political asylum in London. In a statement to British authorities, he claimed knowledge of the flight 990 crash implicating first officer Al-Batouti. Taha said Al-Batouti had been harshly demoted by an Egypt Air official (also on board flight 990) just hours before the crash, and thus had a motive to intentionally sabotage the aircraft. American investigators from the National Transportation and Safety Board and the FBI were able to confirm key facts of Taha’s testimony, and the NTSB later concluded that the crash was the result of the relief first officer’s (Al-Batouti) flight control inputs. His possible reasons for doing this were not officially addressed by US officials, in a diplomatic effort to avoid further angering the Egyptian government during the controversial media circus at the time. Speculation ran high on both sides of the Atlantic; the Egyptian press asserted that Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad was responsible for the crash, and the fact that the Egyptian officers had been on a training mission as guests of the US military did little to dispel these rumors.

2020: The next full moon falling on Halloween. Let’s hope we’re all still here to see it !









For the last few weeks, I have been receiving subtle messages from Spider Woman. No, not the comic book heroine. The spirit guide of Native American storytelling. I didn’t really put two and two together at first because I have been undergoing a lot of dramatic changes in my personal life: changing jobs, leaving a long-term relationship, moving, and trying to get a second career as a writer off the ground. However, the signs have become increasingly frequent, and I can no longer ignore the fact that Spider Woman is indeed trying to contact me. Don’t worry. This is a good thing ! 

Nine months ago, a friend of mine at work ( in FL) was telling me about the banana spiders in her backyard, and how she’d always been fascinated by arachnids. My reaction was one of revulsion. It’s not that I dislike spiders particularly (I once kept a tarantula named Emily), it’s just that banana spiders are HUGE and quite bizarre in appearance.

Three or four months ago I was on a work assignment in the Florida Keys in Marathon, FL. My roommate and I decided to visit the Crane Point Museum and Nature Center there one afternoon. Sure enough, not five minutes into our nature walk, we were ducking under many large overhanging webs of banana spiders in the trees along the path. Yuck !

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I attended a Pagan Festival in Burlington, IA. We were sitting at a picnic table in the shade when a rather large black and orange spider crawled across the table in front of me. Later, while seated at another picnic table during a Runes class a second such spider walked across my hand, startling the woman next to me. I barely felt it, but I looked down in time to see it jump down between the wooden slats of the table into the grass below.

Then just last night I happened to glance up into the corner of my room and noticed a large brown spider clinging to the ceiling. She was still there this morning, where she is apparently lying in wait of passing prey on the ceiling. I wish her luck. A couple weeks ago little crickets were everywhere, inside and out, but now they’re all gone. This poor spider will be lucky to snag an erratic fruit fly. She may be a brown recluse, so I am giving her a large berth. If she leaves me alone, I’ll leave her to her hunting. Wait a minute. A reclusive spider exposing herself in the daylight to me ? Maybe she’s trying to tell me something ! That it’s time to stop being a recluse, a hermit, and to get back out there into life.

So I wonder: is Spider Woman trying to communicate with me ?

It’s not impossible. I have always liked the legends and folklore associated with her. Could they be anything more perhaps ? I looked her up in Wikipedia of course, and her story goes something like this: she is the weaver of fate, the keeper of Time who is attached to each and every one of us by a fine thread of her web. The Hopi, Navajo, Pueblo, Zuni and Choctaw traditions describe her as a helper to mankind, the bringer of fire and string games who flung the stars into the heavens with her web, a million points of light if you will. The New Agers say she helps you overcome obstacles in your life with her energy. (Wow, I sure could use some of that right now !)

The question is, what is Spider Woman trying to tell me ? This is a period of time in my life where having just left a mutually-toxic relationship, I find myself looking deep within, regaining my long-neglected sense of self. I am also getting serious about my writing, and hope to turn this hobby into a fulltime career soon. In addition, both my daughter and I find ourselves at similar crossroads in our lives. I moved closer to her this summer to be able to spend some much overdue quality time with her, and to catch up. She is a remarkable young woman in her own right, struggling to get her career as an animation artist off the ground in today’s tough job market. She’s just starting out, and feels the pressure to get “a real job” while trying to establish herself as an independent artist. It doesn’t help that she was obligated to cut her expenses by moving back in with her father. This is causing her untold worry and distress, and she is battling depression. I am glad I am close by now, and I am trying to be as loving and supportive as possible to her without smothering her entry into adulthood. Coincidentally, I too am currently in the process of establishing my career as a writer, branching out into fiction as well. In addition, I am dealing with the challenges of menopause, post-relationship adjustment and depression, and the responsibilities of traveling for my “day job” in the healthcare field. It’s a lot to handle for both of us, and maybe Spider woman is trying to lend us a hand (or eight).

It is said that Spider Woman maintains a close connection to each of us throughout our lives, by means of a thin strand of her web attached to the top of our head. Curiously, according to Tantric yoga the top of our head is where the seventh chakra is located, our connection to the Infinite and collective consciousness. Through our crown chakra we are interconnected with everything in life, just as Spider Woman’s web interconnects us with the Universe around us. So this is her ultimate message to me. To all of us. We must open ourselves up to the Universe, without losing our grounding to the Earth. Thank-you, Spider Woman !

Mme. G




art credit: 
Spider Woman, by Susan Seddon Boulet

This month we will explore several famous (and not-so-famous) disappearances throughout the world. Missing persons, lost villages, and vanished vehicles ! Read on...

1. FLIGHT 19, The Bermuda Triangle and The Devil’s Sea

On December 5, 1945 a Navy training flight of TBM Avenger torpedo bombers out of the Naval Air Station (NAS) at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida disappeared off the radar carrying 14 men while on a routine navigation and bombing exercise. Even more troubling, one of two PBM Mariner seaplanes diverted to aid in the search efforts was lost as well, with 13 men aboard. To this day, remains of the missing Flight 19 planes have never been found. Several submerged plane wrecks have been found in the area, but none had the correct tail numbers of the missing planes. Author and former air traffic controller Jon Myhre teamed up with a California entrepreneur Andy Marocco to investigate reports that a plane wreck had been sighted by a Broward county sheriff’s helicopter flying over the Everglades in 1989. Now they can’t find it, and fear the wreckage has been hauled away. A wrecked Avenger was found at sea in 1986 and raised in 1990, but the tail number matched that of a Naval flight crew that was lost two years prior to Flight 19. But how exactly did Flight 19 get lost in the first place ?

Flight leader USN Lt. Charles C. Taylor had already served a combat tour in the Pacific as a torpedo  similar training missions in the same area. At approximately 1545 military time, flight instructor Lt. Robert Cox was waiting on the ground to take his crew up on the next training flight when he overheard a radio conversation between two unidentified crew members on Flight 19. One was asking the other for a compass reading, who replied that he didn’t know where they were either ! Cox immediately transmitted an offer to assist, to which they responded. Cox replied and Taylor came on the radio saying,

Both of my compasses are out and I am trying to find Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I am over land but it’s broken. I am sure I am in the Keys, but… I don’t know how to get to Ft. Lauderdale.

At that point, Cox informed the NAS that the aircraft of Flight 19 were lost.

By 1645, the IFF transmitter in Young’s plane couldn’t be picked up and Taylor transmitted that he couldn’t switch to the search and rescue frequency (3000kC): “I must keep my planes intact.” Taylor then indicated a change of course.

By 1656, the weather was worsening and radio contact was going in and out. Taylor requested a weather check at 1724. By 1804, Taylor instructed his crew to fly east again. Taylor’s last recorded transmission at either 1820 or 1904 was:

…we’ll have to ditch unless landfall… when the first plane drops below ten gallons, we all go down together !

Later reconstructed events indicate that the islands Taylor had referred to were not the Florida Keys, but the Bahamas. He may have been seeing a chain of islands resembling the Keys north of Abaco Island. After failing to find Florida by flying west and then seeing the islands he actually led his crew northeast out to sea, thinking he was near Key West. Jon Myhre found previously unknown Navy reports in The National Archives stating that the USS Solomons aircraft carrier (see below) picked up a radar trace from six unidentified planes flying over northern Florida around 1900 on December 5, 1945 before they turned to the southeast.

Several aircraft and merchant marine ships joined the search for the lost Flight 19, including two PBM Mariner sea planes (“flying boats”) on their own training flight which were subsequently diverted to search the area. One of the Mariners last called in on the radio at 1930, and was never heard from again. It is now believed that this PBM exploded, as observed by a passing oil tanker at 2115, the naval escort carrier USS Solomons having reported losing radar contact with the Mariner at the same time and position. There were 13 men aboard the sea plane.

But the infamous Flight 19 is certainly not an isolated cases. Thousands of vessels, boats and planes of all sorts have gone missing for centuries in many areas of the world’s oceans. Most notably, in the so-called Bermuda Triangle that stretches roughly from Miami to Bermuda Island to Puerto Rico. But also in Japan’s Devil’s Sea 178 km south of Tokyo, centered roughly around the island of Miyake-Jima.

It is interesting to note that both of these areas are located at approximately the same longitude (the Earth isn’t a perfect sphere), and almost directly across from each other across the Earth ! I did the math: they are 150-160 degrees latitude apart on a scale of 360 degrees around the circumference of the planet. Miami is located at 26 degrees N longitude and 80 degrees W latitude; Puerto Rico is at 18.5 degrees N and 66 degrees W; and Bermuda is at 32 degrees N and 65 degrees W. Therefore, the Bermuda Triangle is approximately centered at 25 degrees N and 70 degrees W. Miyake-Jima, the center of The Devil’s Sea, is located at 34.1 degrees N longitude and 139.5 degrees E latitude. Author Ivan Sanderson has a theory that there are areas of electromagnetic (EM) field disturbances distributed evenly across the Earth at points of an icosahedron, if you were to place the spherical globe inside a geometric figure. He refers to these 12 locations as “vile vortices”, and The Bermuda Triangle and The Devil’s Sea are located at two of these points. I interviewed the seasoned Florida pilot Bruce Gernon in one of my blogs (February 2008) who experienced such EM effects on not one, but two occasions – once while flying to Miami Beach and also over the Everglades where the compasses were affected and he witnessed time compression, arriving much earlier at his destination than he should have !

Scientists studying geothermal vents and wave motions have attributed the sudden disappearances of ships in these areas to buoyancy effects. Large amounts of methane hydrates erupting in emissions from vents on the ocean floor escape to the surface, where they disrupt buoyancy and can sink ships rapidly. Miyake-Jima Island in The Devil’s Sea off Japan is located nearby such ocean-floor gas vents, not unusual in such a volcanic region of the Pacific.

2. Amelia Earhart

Perhaps the most famous disappearance of an individual in history was that of Amelia Earhart, an intrepid woman pilot who ultimately attempted to circumnavigate the globe. Her Lockheed Electra vanished somewhere over the Pacific on July 2, 1937 while circling the equator.

A piece of aircraft sheet aluminum was discovered in 1991 on Nikumaroro, an uninhabited atoll in the South Pacific. It was identified by The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery as a patch installed on Earhart’s twin-engine plane during an eight day stopover in Miami, her fourth stop on the flight. The distinctive piece of aluminum replaced a navigational window on the plane, as photographed in a Miami Herald photo taken on June 1, 1937. Researchers matched the actual dimensions of the aluminum artifact with structural components of a restored Lockheed Electra, including the location of the rivets.

It is believed that Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan made a forced landing on Nikumaroro’s flat coral reef, becoming castaways who eventually died there. Another theory, based on stories and accounts passed down by native people in the area, is that they lived out their lives among the islanders. Whatever their fate, it seems clear that Earhart’s flight ended here in the South Pacific.

3. Disappearances of Individuals

1763: Owen Parfitt. This story making the rounds on the internet concerns an elderly man severely disabled by a stroke in Shepton Mallett, UK. His sister would let him sit by himself every day on their front porch. One morning she left him sitting there as usual, so he could watch workers at the farm across the road. When she returned later with her neighbor lady to help move him back inside the house, the women were astounded to discover he’d disappeared ! The man was not able to walk yet his chair was empty, his neatly folded blanket still folded into a seat pillow. Hmmmm. Does anyone else suspect foul play (or perhaps a sizeable inheritance) here ?!!

1809: Benjamin Bathurst. A British diplomat, returning by coach to Hamburg, Germany. After stopping for a meal at an inn in Perelberg, his traveling companion saw him literally vanish as he stepped to the front of the coach to check on the horses.  

1873: James Burne Worson. Boasting of his running prowess, two friends challenged him to race a distance of sixteen miles between the towns of Leamington and Coventry in the UK. His friends then accompanied him in a horse-drawn cart. While following Parfitt about six yards behind, they witnessed him stumble in the middle of the road, whereupon he screamed and vanished into thin air ! The area was searched, but there were no holes or ditches in or near that section of the roadway. No trace of the runner was ever found.     

1880: David Lane. The Langs lived on a farm near Gallatin, TN. Mr. Lane simply disappeared in full view of his wife, his two children and a neighbor in an approaching buggy while walking across a field towards his horses. Everyone ran over to the spot where Mr. Lane had been, but there was no hole in the ground there. People searched but the farmer was never seen again. Months later, his children noticed that the grass on the spot where their father had vanished had wilted and yellowed in a fifteen-foot diameter circle.

This story may actually have been a hoax perpetuated by the American journalist and writer Ambrose Bierce, who disappeared himself on December 26, 1913 ! He had joined Pancho Villa’s army as an observer, accompanying them as far as Chihuahua, Mexico where his last letter was posted to a friend.

1949: Mr. Tetford. This elderly gentleman disappeared from a moving bus on his way home to Bennington, VT from St. Albans, VT. He had been accompanied by fourteen other passengers, who all testified to seeing him asleep on the bus trip. When they reached Bennington, he was gone. His belongings were still on the luggage rack, and a folded newspaper lay on the seat next to his. The man was never found.

1975: Martha Wright. After driving through the Lincoln Tunnel from New Jersey to New York, Jackson and Martha Wright pulled over to wipe the condensation off their windshield. Martha Wright walked back to clean the rear window as well. When Mr. Wright turned around, his wife was gone ! He hadn’t heard or seen anything happen to her. The police were called, but they found no evidence of foul play and the woman was never found.

4. Mass Disappearances

1915: Norfolk Regiment

According to this account, three soldiers in a New Zealand company watched as the Royal Norfolk Regiment marched up a hill in Suvla Bay, Turkey. The soldiers were observed walking up the hill into a low cloud. When the cloud lifted, they had vanished ! The British government at the time assumed they’d been captured by the Turks and demanded their return. The Turks insisted they’d never seen, let alone captured, the regiment.

This tale has now been debunked, however. Several of the surviving soldiers from the regiment came forward later and explained how they had been forced to quickly disperse under enemy fire after topping the hill, but they never actually disappeared. It was merely an optical illusion born from the timing of the passing fog.

1930: Inuit Village

This next tale has stood the test of time, persisting in the annals of the truly weird. In November of 1930, a fur trapper by the name of Joe Labelle stopped for the night at an Inuit village in northern Canada on Lake Anjikuni, where he had friends. Much to his shock, he found the village deserted, as if the people had fled in a hurry leaving everything behind, including their invaluable sled dogs that had died of starvation. Labelle found them buried under a snowdrift. A smoldering fire still burned under a blackened stewpot full of the burnt remains of a meal. Stored provisions in the villagers’ huts and racks of dried fish had been left behind, and their homes had been abandoned. Approximately thirty people were missing from the village, with no signs of violence. Perhaps strangest of all was that someone had taken the time to empty their ancestral graves ! Such desecration was absolutely taboo in their culture. The exhausted trapper, utterly terrified, walked all night to the next town to report the abandoned settlement. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) initiated a cursory search before dismissing the trapper’s report, assuming the villagers had merely broken camp and moved on.

There still exist three separate local newspaper articles about the missing village, published between 1927-30. And at least two RCMP investigations are recorded. One by a Sgt. J. Nelson in 1931, who evidently spoke only to a trading post owner, but never to Labelle himself, or to newspaper reporter Kelleher who had interviewed the trapper for the second news story published in the local press. A second investigation was initiated by the RCMP in 1931, as referenced by an article in the November 1976 edition of FATE magazine, confirming the official record of the investigation.

5. National Parks

In the last one hundred years, there have been well over a thousand cases of missing persons in our national parks. Most are children or elderly, and about half are found dead not attributed to animal attacks. Popular theories attribute these disappearances to everything from Bigfoot or wild men, to UFOs/EBEs and demons from other dimensions. There certainly have been many videos posted of bizarre-looking humanoids captured on hunting cam footage the last few years to support this. Any casual browser on YouTube can see some of these.

Author and investigator David Paulides has been featured on Coast to Coast AM radio (03-22-15) for his investigative research into missing persons disappearances in our national parks. He now has a file of over 1400 cases that he has compiled. In fact, there were more disappearances of persons in national parks in the USA in 2013 than in 27 years prior. Yosemite National Park has the largest number of missing persons cases, 40-45. At one point, Mr. Paulides invoked the Freedom of Information Act when he contacted the National Park Service for information. They claimed he could not obtain records gratis because he was not a recognized author with enough books in public libraries ! Therefore, they wanted to charge him a ridiculous $34,000 for information on missing persons in Yosemite National Park, or $1.4 MILLION for data pertaining to all the National Parks ! That really got Mr. Paulides’ attention. What exactly were they trying to cover up ?

Most of the persons gone missing in our national parks are children under 12 years old, or the elderly aged 74-85 years old. They are found (dead or alive) in difficult terrain or in inaccessible area miles away from where they were reported missing.

It seems impossible for the children to have gotten to these remote spots alone. Half of the missing children are found dead, and those found alive are so traumatized that they either don’t remember what happened to them, or refuse to talk about it. In 1952, a two year old boy in accompanying his grandparents in Oregon was found unconscious in a frozen creek bed nineteen hours and 12 miles away from where he went missing. He would have had to cross over two mountains to get to where he was recovered. In 1957, another two year old boy went missing from his family’s campsite in Yosemite and was found 3000 feet up a mountain, wearing no shoes and only one sock ! With no cuts or scrapes on his feet.

These missing persons cases in the parks are often accompanied by sightings of wild men or Bigfoot. Visitors to the jungles of the Philippines are warned not to wear colorful clothing, which is said to attract predators there where many persons have also gone missing. There is a remarkable similarity here to the American National Park disappearances of missing children, as many were wearing colorful clothing as well.

6. Disappearing Vehicles

I came across some strange videos on YouTube recently and although many are jokes, hoaxes and clearly doctored footage, there are a few seemingly genuine ones that stand out and have not been debunked or explained yet. I’m talking about the disappearing cars. You’ve all probably seen the one UK traffic cam video where there’s a white flash, and a car just disappears. OK, this one’s probably doctored footage. But then there’s the one taken late at night on a small town street where a car just vanishes as it drives down the street (I tried to find the link to this YouTube video again for you, but it just vanished !). Or the one where a car turning into busy traffic just vanishes. And no one is talking about this. I suspect it’s assumed to be just more internet nonsense. But is it ? Time will tell. Maybe I can find out more. Until next time, try to stay out of the weird zone !

Mme. G



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