April 2017: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

If you follow MGTR, you know I’ve written before about the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. And unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ve probably seen plenty of online videos about the Mandela Effect. Named for Nelson Mandela, the anti-apartheid activist in South Africa, this term originated on the internet in 2010 to describe conflicting memories in public consciousness. Some people remember hearing of Mandela’s death in the early 1990s, but his death was recorded in 2013. There is even a textbook published in South Africa in the 1990s that listed his death as July 23, 1991 ! Thus, the term “Mandela Effect” was coined to describe multiple versions of history remembered or recorded by different groups of people.

More recently, the internet conspiracy theorists have been decrying the effects of CERN, the high-energy particle accelerator located on the French-Swiss border. It is claimed that a particular experiment conducted by physicists at the accelerator has torn open a rift in the fabric of spacetime, letting loose all sorts of alternate realities or universes that our neural pathways cannot fully grasp. Thus resulting in conflicting memories that clash with the facts presented in “this” quantum reality we are living in.

A popular example of this Mandela effect is the complaint expressed by adults over 40 who distinctly remember the series of children’s books entitled “The Berenstein Bears” . Except they are now spelled as “Berenstain” instead. Many are the parents who have walked into a bookstore to buy their son or daughter one of these favorite books from their childhood, and have been shocked by this new spelling of the title! Now perhaps they’re all just remembering it incorrectly, but could so many people be wrong? I have yet to hear of anyone coming forward with one of the old versions of the books they found in a garage sale or in their old toy box and prove the original spelling of “Berenstein”. (quick ! everyone call your mom to go and check the attic)

Another popular internet concept to consider is the Matrix theory. This one kind of ties together all the others I’ve mentioned. According to this theory we are all living in a virtual reality, an AI construct. If we are actually hooked up to an externally programmed reality, it seems very real to us inside the illusion.

In the Matrix movies, Neo awoke to discover he was connected physiologically into a vast array of biological support pods fed into by an external computer program that generated a reality for each unconscious human being plugged in. What if we are all existing in a similar matrix ? Indeed, the theoretical physicist Sylvester James Gates has found error-correcting computer code (similar to that used in internet browsers) deeply embedded in superstring theory equations derived to explain the quantum nature of the universe. Yes. We are part of a computer program ! Which begs the question – who wrote the program ? God ? Or someone else ? Or perhaps “God” IS the program.

Stay with me here. Supposing a progression of ever-evolving “accidents” beginning with The Philadelphia Experiment, and next the Montauk Project and finally CERN, affected time and space irrevocably. By all probability we should all have long since ceased to exist or at least be occupying some living hell, right ? I mean, we humans are darned good at screwing things up on a grand scale, aren’t we ? Yet somehow we’re all still here and relatively intact. That’s no accident, folks. Either SWAT teams of time travelers are coming back to repair all the holes we’ve ripped in spacetime, or the Master Programmer anticipated all this and wrote it right into the code. We might just be part of a gigantic simulation game ! And all those glitches people are claiming to see (sometimes literally – like pixilated clouds and disappearing airplanes) are just the Programmer tweaking the code. You know, like downloading updates to Windows®. The only trouble is that our chemically-based organic brains are slow to forget previous versions of the software.

And THAT brings me to my next theory. Aside from any financial benefits to the New World Order banks, I think that those microchips now being implanted into the hands of corporate volunteers are eventually going to be used to upgrade us wetware units. And did you hear about the chips being developed by the military for implantation directly into the brain ? The chips are being touted as a man-machine interface to facilitate calculations and speed up the learning process. We are being turned into cyborgs, my friends. George Orwell’s book 1984 is coming true NOW. Will some of us choose to remain fully human, while others become half man – half machine ? Do we even have a choice ? Welcome to the nightmare.

Mme. G


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