MGTR Has a New Look !

Greetings ! We just completed our upload into WordPress, and I want to thank all of my very patient readers. A few weeks ago, the Weebly servers crashed and they still haven’t been able to restore this website. Consequently, we were forced to transfer our content over to WordPress. This is going to be an arduous manual process unfortunately, so I apologize in advance for any inconvenience it may cause you. We will be republishing the 2017 blog posts first, followed by selected blogs from the Archives. If you would like to see a specific archived blog from a particular year (since 2000), please contact me and I will try to upload it. Some of the oldest files were on floppy disc and a few have been damaged due to age, but we were able to salvage most of them into digital files. To all of our loyal readers, old and new, I say a big “mahalo !” – that’s Hawaiian for “thank you !”  😀

Mme. G