November 2017: Alien Minds – Stranger Than We Can Imagine ?

[Betty Hill’s Star Map. Source: Vicente Fuentes]
As our young species ventures hesitantly out into space, we will encounter other races and civilizations, other planets and moons with other creatures, other atmospheres, and new challenges. Many of us believe Earth has, and is, already being visited by aliens. EBEs – extraterrestrial biological entities – encompassing several species with apparently widely divergent plans for us humans. By now, nearly everyone has heard of the Greys – said to include several races originating from the Zeta Reticuli star system, and portrayed in countless sci-fi movies as callous abductors or clones sent here to collect helpless humans for experimentation. But in reality, many more types of aliens are reported dating back to the 1800s or earlier if you include accounts in religious texts of angels or gods descending to Earth from the heavens. Surely some of these races are benevolent towards us or at least impartial observers?
If we are indeed in contact with extraterrestrials, it is a given that our military and governments have been hiding the fact for various reasons. Not the least of which may be that they have been instructed to do so by our technologically superior visitors. Many people in all walks of life, including those in government, are now insisting on full public disclosure. But before we attempt any meaningful interaction with these visitors on a public scale, it might benefit us (and them) to consider the problems ANY interstellar explorers face:
1. Psychological: depression, anxiety. Help may be distant. You may not ever get home, no matter how advanced your ship is. Sh*t happens.
2. Communication: difficulties communicating with, let alone comprehending, alien societies. Languages – telepathic, sound, visual? Hive vs. individual intelligence vs. AI. Alien psychology.
3. Agendas: military vs. peaceful aliens encountered.
4. Biology: lifespans, sexes, intelligence, and physiological differences. Clones, robots, cyborgs.
5. Time: adjustments for time shifts, time aberrations between contacts.
6. Social structures: sexuality, mating mores, child-rearing, and family units.
7. Religion or Philosophy: similarities and differences among
societies encountered. Universal concept of a deity?
8. Food: vegan, omnivores, carnivores, purely synthetic or energetic?
9. Interdimensional travel: difficulties transitioning between dimensional states and forms, unknown challenges of a quantum nonlocal reality.
10. Interdimensional lifeforms: rules for interpersonal interactions will differ between dimensions, operating under the constraints of a dimension’s physical or quantum laws.
11. Transmissions: dangers of sending telepathic, radio wave, or other signals into deep spacetime that might be intercepted by hostile races.
12. AI: the possibility that we may all just be part of a programmed simulation, mere players strutting on someone’s cosmic stage.
I hope I’ve given you some food for thought this Thanksgiving season! Now go get yourself some turkey dinner before we all get invaded by visitors from Mars! Just kidding. They’re probably already here…
Mme. G
Image: Vicente Fuentes