October 2017: Haunted American Restrooms That Might Scare the Crap Out Of You !


There is a haunted fourth-floor bathroom in St. Charles Hall at the college, where a drunken student was injured in 1964 after falling and hitting his head on a sink in the middle of the night ! Supposedly while brushing his teeth. He suffered a brain hemorrhage and died several weeks later in the hospital of complications with pneumonia. Soon afterward, students reported seeing him in the mirror or of blood pouring out of the faucet. The bathroom was locked and remains so to the present day.  Scraping sounds have been heard coming from inside.


A female guest committed suicide in room 242, and the room is very active paranormally speaking. One male guest reported awakening to his dog barking at the bathroom. He went in to discover the tub full of water and his toiletries dumped into the commode ! Presumably, he hadn’t been drinking the night before.


The ladies room in the lobby of this hotel is haunted. Shadows creep across the floor, the sinks turn on and the toilets flush by themselves, stall doors shake, and voices are frequently heard. Actually, this hotel boasts TWO haunted restrooms. The hotel spa’s restroom also has a toilet that is known to flush itself, accompanied by childish laughter. The hurricane of 1900 may be responsible for the ghosts residing here.


The unfortunate Lemp family of St. Louis suffered a series of deaths and suicides following the loss of the family brewery during Prohibition. Patriarch William Lemp’s ghost is said to peep over the stalls at startled visitors in the downstairs ladies room, once his private bathroom !


The little town of Madrid (pronounced MA-drid) is a bohemian spot that grew from a colony of artists and hippies in the 1970s into the eclectic collection of shops, studios and galleries it is today, located about forty-five miles northeast of Albuquerque. A coal mining town in the 1800s, Madrid boasted a tavern that burned down on Christmas day in 1944 and was later rebuilt after being abandined for years. The Mine Shaft Tavern is a popular bar long known for its micro brews, green chile cheeseburgers to die for, and local musicians and bands that play there on Friday nights. The movie Beer for My Horses filmed there, starring Willie Nelson and Toby Keith and Wild Hogs, starring John Travolta, featured a bar set built in Madrid and modeled after The Mine Shaft. Less well-known outside New Mexico is the bar’s haunted reputation. When I lived in NM, several friends warned me about the ornery ghost that shoved women in the ladies room, a small unassuming but clean cubicle behind a Western-style swinging door. I’ve only been there twice, both times in the late afternoon and sadly, no ghost seemed to be around ! However, when interviewed on camera (see YouTube link below) by filmmaker Betsy Burke, a local cowboy described what he saw inside the bar during a violent thunderstorm in the area (common in the summer months, as I recall). A blue orb hovered around the draft beer taps, and both the ladies room door and a storeroom door started opening and closing by themselves. Employees have witnessed glasses flying across the bar, a former waitress used to feel something gently stroking her cheek, and others have noticed furniture being moved around or hearing laughter in an otherwise empty bar. Several customers have reported seeing a face looking back at them in the restroom mirror. So it’s not surprising that The Mine Shaft Tavern now has its very own paranormal investigation team !


The Queen Anne is a charming, pink Victorian B & B that was originally a girls’ finishing school. Senator James Fair had a mistress by the name of Mary Lake, who he appointed as headmistress of his boarding house and finishing school, where his own teenaged daughters attended. The Headmistress is said to appear in the mirrors, much to the dismay of their guests.  The ghostly activity is strongest in room 410, Mary Lake’s former office. She appears as a misty manifestation but is friendly and genteel, often unpacking guests’ clothes or even tucking them in for the night !




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