About MGTR

Hello !

I started Madame G’s Tea Room in 2000, offering the only genuine tea leaf readings online. My sister-in-law had taken me to an elderly lady in East Chicago who read coffee grounds and I was hooked ! Liking tea better, I taught myself how to read the tea leaves. I practiced on my friends, did private readings, parties and bookstore gigs for awhile before starting my website.  I added a blog on the weird & paranormal, including interviews with recognized experts in parapsychology and other areas, and published my readers’ true stories. The rest is history. Please email YOUR true stories of the weird or paranormal to me at: [email protected] for a chance to win a free reading ! If chosen, your story will be posted as “Anonymous” unless you tell me otherwise. Thank you for visiting MGTR and Blessed Be !

Mme. G