September 2017: Silencing the Whistleblowers (Again)

[Source: original art by Javier Ramos]

Hello everyone. This month I will touch on a few strange deaths and/or coverups associated with UFO researchers. Although I’m certainly not the most vocal blogger about it on the internet, it seems to me that it’s a subject that’s become increasingly harder to ignore over the years.

We’ll begin with what is perhaps the most well-known suicide among UFO investigators, thought to be suspicious at the time by police because of its professional execution, pardon the pun. And although the victim –  M.K. Jessup, astronomer, photographer and author of best-selling The Case for the UFO – was depressed after a divorce, friends stated that he had been investigating The Philadelphia Experiment. They also said Jessup has been visited three days prior to his death by a Carlos Allende. Allende had written to Jessup that he had been a seaman and had witnessed the disappearance of a Navy ship from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in 1943. Jessup thought the letters were a hoax until the Office of Naval Research presented him with an annotated paperback copy of his book that contained margin notes in Allende’s handwriting. Jessup may have been right to doubt Allende’s story. As Robert Gorman of FATE magazine discovered in 1980; “Allende’s” family in New Kensington, Pennsylvania described Carl Allen as a brilliant, but troubled practical joker.

In addition to receiving the strange letters from Allende, Jessup had been getting threatening phone calls. Jessup was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in his car on April 20, 1959 in Dade County, Florida. Police at the time noted the careful wiring of a dryer vent hose to the tailpipe of the car, parked in public view on a busy street. Yet a state-required autopsy was never performed.

Perhaps the most suspicious suicide is that of Marilyn Monroe, from a lethal combination of barbiturates and alcohol on August 5, 1962. As posited in the film Unacknowledged, there is the possibility that Marilyn’s affairs with both Robert and John Kennedy left her with top-secret information about UFOs that was never disclosed to the public. In addition, she had had several conversations on the subject of Roswell, New Mexico with the popular journalist Dorothy Kilgallen who was investigating the incident. Was Marilyn about to go public about UFOs ? Interestingly, Kilgallen also later published an article about Jack Ruby’s testimony to the Warren Commission on the JFK assassination. Kilgallen herself died suspiciously of barbiturates and alcohol poisoning, similar to Marilyn, on November 8, 1965.

UFO researcher Philip (Phil) Schneider described working at a secret underground military installation in Dulce, New Mexico as a contracted structural engineer, where he was injured in the hand and chest in laser crossfire from alien greys when his crew dug into a large cavern. He later confided to friends that “government vans” were following him and had tried to run him off the road several times. Schneider was found dead of strangulation by a rubber catheter tube in January 1996. His UFO writings and lecture materials were conspicuously missing from the apartment, his valuables left untouched.


US congressman Steven Schiff of New Mexico demanded financial records from the Government Accounting Office in 1990 that he believed would have proven the crash of UFO(s) near Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947. His requests were repeatedly blocked, he was silenced, and he subsequently died of cancer in 1998.


More recently in 2016, the mysterious deaths of two UFO researchers attracted media attention. UK conspiracy theorist Max Spiers died in Warsaw in June 2016, supposedly of natural causes, yet Spiers had sent his mother a text message just days before his death which read “If anything happens to me, investigate.” Although Polish authorities released a death certificate stating Spiers’ death was due to natural causes, no autopsy was performed to confirm this. Spiers’ mother described her son as “very fit” and in good health. A paranormal and UFO investigator by the name of Gaurav Tiwari was found asphyxiated in India on July 7, 2016. A thin dark line was discovered around his neck. Tiwari had told his wife and father a few days before his demise that a “negative force” was pulling him towards it. His “suicide” was later attributed to marital issues.

And the recent YouTube shutdown of Dr. Steven Greer’s CSETI channel in mid-July of this year is also concerning. De. Greer’s tireless and exhaustive interviews of military and government personnel over the last twenty years have uncovered some interesting facts about the UFO phenomenon in this country. Greer’s insistence that the government is withholding invaluable proof of free energy sources retro-engineered from captured UFOs may have displeased a few of the big oil companies and world banks who would benefit the most from prolonging our dependence upon fossil fuels. Greer attributes his own cancer and the death of his friend and assistant Shari Adiamack to cancer in the 1990s to the government’s use of covert weapons, e.g., microwave technology. Dr. Greer has also gone so far as to state on camera that in the event of his untimely death, a failsafe plan will be set in motion to expose the truth.

The statements of all these and many other, independent UFO investigators who have all died under questionable circumstances (or in Dr. Greer’s case, contracted a potentially fatal illness) over the past few decades begs the question: is our government willing to murder to cover up the truth about UFOs? The truth is out there – and it just might get you killed.

Mme. G

Image: original art by Javier Ramos